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Barometers [1]
Brass [5]
Chinese, Oriental [13]
Clocks [1]
Fire furniture [12]
Furniture [116]
Garden [6]
Glass [5]
Jewellery [25]
Lamps [11]
Mirrors [7]
Misc [42]
Paintings [30]
Porcelain [5]
Prints [4]
Rugs [3]
Silver [30]


Venue: Hegarty Auction Rooms, The Bypass, Bandon, Co. Cork.
Date: Sunday 25th June 2017 at 4pm
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316 Lot(s) Found.

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Lot: 101 | Place Advance Bid

A MAPPIN & WEBB PRINCES' PLATE LADLE, in very good condition

Estimate: € 30/40
Lot: 102 | Place Advance Bid

A PAIR OF SIDE CHAIRS, lacquered, with inlaid detail to the back, turned legs and supports

Estimate: € 50/60
Lot: 103 | Place Advance Bid

A VERY NICE, RECTANGULAR FOOT STOOL, with padded upholstered lift up top, 22"x16"x16.5" approx (LxDxH)

Estimate: €
Lot: 104 | Place Advance Bid

A POT OR LAMP TABLE/STAND, 35" high 13" diam to top

Estimate: € 30/50
Lot: 105 | Place Advance Bid

AN OVAL MIRROR, 18"x14" approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 106 | Place Advance Bid

A FRENCH SILVER VANITY/HAND MIRROR, decorated with image of a courting couple in a countryside setting surrounded by flowers and scrolls, the front with winged cherubs, with original bevelled glass (cracked), beneath the glass was found, a leaflet for the 1889 Exhibition in Paris, numbered 0738, maker's mark CG, there is a bunch of grapes which suggests it may be Charles Grappe, with another larger mark unidentified

Estimate: € 300/350
Lot: 107 | Place Advance Bid

A BOX PIANO STOOL, with carved panel to drop down sheet music cabinet, 21"x13"x22" approx

Estimate: € 80/100
Lot: 108 | Place Advance Bid

A COFFER CHEST raised on a Queen Anne legged frame base, the frame has shell design to the knees and a shaped apron, with brass side handles and key plate, in need of some restoration, 49"x21"x36.5" approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 109 | Place Advance Bid

A SOAP STONE CARVING OF A FISHERMAN, circa 19th century, 20.5cm approx

Estimate: € 40/60
Lot: 110 | Place Advance Bid


Estimate: € 400/600
Lot: 111 | Place Advance Bid


Estimate: €
Lot: 112 | Place Advance Bid

M O'NEILL, "BANNA STRAND", oil on canvas, signed lower right, inscribed with title verso, 34"x14" approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 113 | Place Advance Bid

A SO-CALLED "MEDICAL" BUDDHA, with jar of medicine in its hands, H 22cm approx, China, 19th Century

Estimate: € 120/130
Lot: 114 | Place Advance Bid

AN ELABORATLY DECORATED BRONZE CENSOR, with 2 lions as handles and one lion on top of lid, Japanese, 26x27cm approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 115 | Place Advance Bid

MARIE CARROLL, "YACHTS RACING", signed lower left, 17"x14" approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 116 | Place Advance Bid

A CARVED TWO PERSON WINDOW SEAT, with straw seat and cushion, turned legs and supports with a shaped back

Estimate: €
Lot: 117 | Place Advance Bid

TERRY DELANEY, A PAIR OF PAINTINGS, "SNOW IN FRANCE" & "COVE IN WEST CORK", oil on board, both signed lower right, inscribed and numbered on artists label verso, each 14"x8" approx frame

Estimate: € 80/100
Lot: 118 | Place Advance Bid

A SIDE BOARD, with lower tier shelf, contemporary piece

Estimate: €
Lot: 119 | Place Advance Bid

HAZEL MCCULLAGH, "VIEW FROM KILLARNEY GOLF COURSE", signed lower right, inscribed verso with title, artists name, 20.5"x16.5" approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 120 | Place Advance Bid

A REGENCY STYLE ROLL ARM COUCH, with cushions, raised on out-turned winged paw feet, 78"x24"x34" approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 121 | Place Advance Bid

BRENDAN HAYES, "AUTUMN LANDSCAPE", signed lower right, 30"x20" approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 122 | Place Advance Bid

MARY RYAN, "THE CLADDAGH", signed and dated lower right, inscribed verso

Estimate: €
Lot: 123 | Place Advance Bid

A LARGE FIRE SCREEN/GUARD, mesh, fold out design, 42"x22" approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 124 | Place Advance Bid

HUNT, "FARM YARD SCENE", signed lower right, 27"x31" approx frame

Estimate: €
Lot: 125 | Place Advance Bid

AN LC4 STYLE CHAISE LONGUE with hide seat cover and leather head rest, tubular chrome frame sitting on a black metal stand. The original LC4 was designed by three architects, Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand in 1928. The curvature of the chair is ergonomically designed to mould to your body for maximum comfort and relief, 66” long approx

Estimate: € 400/600
Lot: 126 | Place Advance Bid

AN ETHAN ALLEN WARDROBE, within are 2 over 2 drawer chest, currently is converted to be a TV cabinet, but easily converted back, 40"x78"x23" approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 127 | Place Advance Bid

A SET OF FIRE IRONS, includes poker, shovel, brush and tongs

Estimate: €
Lot: 128 | Place Advance Bid

A MARQUETRY INLAID WRITING TABLE, with inset leather insert to the top, raised on ormolu mounted legs, with a single drawer to the front, 22”x34”x21” approx

Estimate: € 850/950
Lot: 129 | Place Advance Bid

A LARGE BEVELLED GLAZED COFFEE TABLE, raised on turned legs on a platform frame base, 53"x34"x21" approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 130 | Place Advance Bid

A SELECTION OF VICTORIAN SILVER TOPPED SCENT BOTTLES, (1) Engraved with name Fay, Maker's mark NM, dated 1904/05, (1) Engraved FB, maker's mark is indistinct, dated 1899/1900, (1) Engraved "Sine Metu" and engine turned, maker's mark MW, dated 1887/88, (1) Small cut glass bottle, Birmingham, maker's mark A.B & C, possible date 1898/99

Estimate: €
Lot: 131 | Place Advance Bid

A FIRE SCREEN/GUARD, with mesh and silver coloured frame, in 4 panels, with a pair of matching fire-dogs 46"x33" approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 132 | Place Advance Bid

A PAIR OF 3 DRAWER LOCKERS, 28"x17"x28" approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 133 | Place Advance Bid

A VICTORIAN SIDE BOARD, mirror backed, with 2 rounded drawers over a two door cabinet, raised on a platform base, 53"x17.5"x36" (Height to board) + 22" for back mirror

Estimate: € 200/400
Lot: 134 | Place Advance Bid

A SET OF FIRE IRONS, with poker, tongs, shovel and brush

Estimate: €
Lot: 135 | Place Advance Bid

A FIRE GUARD/SCREEN, peacock style design with leaf decoration, 34"x31" approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 136 | Place Advance Bid

A RED LACQUER BOX, with lid, decorated with a rich floral design, 7x10.5cm approx

Estimate: € 70/80
Lot: 137 | Place Advance Bid

A PAIR OF MINIATURE RUSSIAN LACQUER BOXES, with paintings from the art school of Mstera one signed by artist

Estimate: € 40/60
Lot: 138 | Place Advance Bid

A HEAVY TALL BRONZE VASE, with bands of Cloisonné technique archaic design, cast, with character mark beneath pos Qianlong, 36cm H approx

Estimate: € 140/150
Lot: 139 | Place Advance Bid

A SNUFF BOTTLE painted on the inside, with an amber stopper, circa 19th century, 12cm H approx

Estimate: € 150/170
Lot: 140 | Place Advance Bid

A LIGHT BLUE CLOISONNE BOX with lid, and "Shou" character mark on top, in the typical Qianlong style, 5.5x9.5cm approx

Estimate: € 150/170
Lot: 141 | Place Advance Bid

A CHINESE SPINACH GREEN JADE BOWL, on a carved wooden stand 4.5cm H 10cm W approx

Estimate: € 130/140
Lot: 142 | Place Advance Bid

Frank O. Salisbury, The Heart of The Empire, 1935, A Signed Print, Signed on the Mount Lower Right, Number 310 Lower Left

Estimate: €
Lot: 143 | Place Advance Bid

CECIL MAGUIRE, "WHEN WE WERE YOUNG", oil on canvas board, signed lower right, inscribed and dated verso

Estimate: €
Lot: 144 | Place Advance Bid

AN OPEN METAL FIRE SCREEN, with leaf decoration all over

Estimate: €
Lot: 145 | Place Advance Bid

A BENTWOOD COAT AND HAT STAND, 6 Hook, in need of a little restoration, 78" hight and 27" wide at the base

Estimate: € 60/80
Lot: 146 | Place Advance Bid

A FOLD OVER TEA TABLE, Victorian, curved table, raised on a canon column support, with a quadform base, sitting on castors

Estimate: € 300/400
Lot: 147 | Place Advance Bid

A MIXED LOT OF PAINTINGS, FIVE PAINTINGS, (1) PETE HOGAN, watercolour (1) J. KENNY, mixed media (1) A BEACH SCENE, (1) V. O'NEILL, waterfall, (1) JEAN MORIARTY, "Irish Castle", signed lower right

Estimate: €
Lot: 148 | Place Advance Bid

AFTER JOSHUA REYNOLDS, AN ENGRAVING PRINT, Drawn by Joshua Boydell, Engraved by G.S & J.G Facius. Published by John Boydell Cheapside London, 1785

Estimate: €
Lot: 149 | Place Advance Bid

A TORTOISE SHELL HANDBAG, with linked strap

Estimate: €
Lot: 150 | Place Advance Bid

A TORTOISESHELL “MANTILLA” COMB, six prong with decorative panel, 4"x5" approx

Estimate: € 40/50

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