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Barometers [2]
Bedroom [1]
Brass [6]
Chinese, Oriental [35]
Clocks [7]
Drawing [1]
Fire furniture [12]
Furniture [74]
Garden [6]
Glass [5]
Jewellery [39]
Kitchen [2]
Lamps [13]
Militaria [3]
Mirrors [5]
Misc [40]
Paintings [41]
Porcelain [6]
Prints [8]
Rugs [1]
Sculpture [1]
Silver [12]


Venue: Hegarty Auction Rooms, The Bypass, Bandon, Co. Cork.
Date: Sunday, 19th November 2017 at 4pm
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320 Lot(s) Found.

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Lot: 151 | Place Advance Bid

A CIRCULAR TIP-UP TABLE, raised on a carved quadraform base, 52" diam of top

Estimate: € 800/900
Lot: 152 | Place Advance Bid

AN EDWARIDAN MAHOGANY & INLAID LEADED GLASS DISPLAY CABINET, with stained glass detail to the two door cabinet, above 2 drawers, raised on tapering inlaid legs, terminating on castors, 72" x 36" x 19" approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 153 | Place Advance Bid

A TURN OF THE CENTURY FOLDING "DECK" CHAIR, with fabric covered seat, in good condition

Estimate: € 50/80
Lot: 154 | Place Advance Bid

A CHINESE SPINACH GREEN JADE BOWL, possibly Qian Long period, 18th Century

Estimate: € 200/250
Lot: 155 | Place Advance Bid

ANDREW NICHOLL, “LANDSCAPE WITH A FIGURE ON A PATH, A CASTLE BEYOND”, watercolour on paper, signed lower right, inscribed verso

Estimate: € 2800/4000
Lot: 156 | Place Advance Bid

A SET OF 3 PORCELAIN PERFUME JARS, with lids, four character marks to the base of each, possibly Qian Long marks of late 18th century, 8.7cm high approx

Estimate: € 160/200
Lot: 157 | Place Advance Bid

AFTER JOSHUA REYNOLDS, AN ENGRAVING PRINT, Drawn by Joshua Boydell, Engraved by G.S & J.G Facius. Published by John Boydell Cheapside London, 1785

Estimate: €
Lot: 158 | Place Advance Bid

A PAIR OF GARDEN ORNAMENTS, in the form of sitting dogs, greyhound/whippet

Estimate: €
Lot: 159 | Place Advance Bid

A SET OF METAL FIRE IRONS, includes tongs, poker and shovel, pan of shovel having pierced decoration

Estimate: €
Lot: 160 | Place Advance Bid

A BLACK LACQUERED "CURIOSTY BOX", 2 door, opens to reveal 3 drawers within, and one beneath, 17" x 10" x 7" approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 161 | Place Advance Bid

A HANDMADE BOX, inlaid all over with a diamond shaped mother of pearl plaque to the top, 11.5" x 8.5" x 5" approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 162 | Place Advance Bid

A FRENCH GLASS & CANE TOPPED SIDE TABLE, with carved leaf detail to the knees, raised on cabriole legs with pad feet, 28" x 19" x 29" approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 163 | Place Advance Bid

AN IRISH LONG CASE GRANDFATHER CLOCK, with a Keane Mahony clock face, above the face is the Latin "Tempus Fugit" meaning Time Flies, raised on bracket feet, 86" x 10" x 20" approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 164 | Place Advance Bid

A SET OF REGENCY STYLE DINING CHAIRS, 4 chairs & 2 carvers, with lyre backs and raised on outswept sabre legs

Estimate: € 200/300
Lot: 165 | Place Advance Bid


Estimate: €
Lot: 166 | Place Advance Bid

A CHINESE PORCELAIN BOX, shaped with floral and bird decoration, a Jia Qing mark beneath, 16th cent., after Jia Qing

Estimate: € 160/200
Lot: 167 | Place Advance Bid

AN AMERICAN GUN POWDER FLASK, possibly early 19th Century, 8.5" long approx

Estimate: € 180/200
Lot: 168 | Place Advance Bid

A PAIR OF CHINESE PORCELAIN RABBITS with floral and fruit decoration, 4 character marks beneath, probably 19th century, 11cm high 12 cm long approx

Estimate: € 100/150
Lot: 169 | Place Advance Bid

A CHINESE RED LACQUER SNUFF BOTTLE, showing images of landscapes on both sides, very finely carved, with a Qian Long mark beneath possibly 18th century, 7.8 cm high approx

Estimate: € 150/200
Lot: 170 | Place Advance Bid

A TIBETAN BRONZE FIGURE OF THE GODDESS OF MERCY TARA, possibly 19th century, 47cm high

Estimate: € 250/300
Lot: 171 | Place Advance Bid

A CHINESE SNUFF BOTTLE, Agate with a coral stopper, 3" high approx

Estimate: € 160/200
Lot: 172 | Place Advance Bid

A VERY FINE SET OF 8 DINING ROOM CHAIRS, with tulip carved detail to the front out turned legs, sabre back legs, carved back rail with curved shoulders

Estimate: € 2000/2500
Lot: 173 | Place Advance Bid

MIA FUNK, "MAGNOLIAS, SHADES OF GREY II", signed lower left, mixed media on canvas, 27.5" x 23" approx frame

Estimate: € 600/800
Lot: 174 | Place Advance Bid

A SILVER PICTURE FRAME, with maker's mark RC probably Carr's, date later W, likely 1996

Estimate: € 40/60
Lot: 175 | Place Advance Bid


Estimate: €
Lot: 176 | Place Advance Bid

LORNA MILLAR, " THE LESSON", oil on canvas board, signed lower left, 41" x 31" approx frame

Estimate: € 800/1000
Lot: 177 | Place Advance Bid


Estimate: € 180/200
Lot: 178 | Place Advance Bid

OLIVE W. DESMOND, "SPRINT", oil on canvas board, signed lower right, inscribed verso with title, 19.5" x 16" approx frame

Estimate: €
Lot: 179 | Place Advance Bid

A ROBINSON'S OF LARNE CLOCK, mounted on a wooden frame, Alexander Robinson circa 1770 - 1800, numbered 209

Estimate: €
Lot: 180 | Place Advance Bid

A FRENCH SIDE TABLE, with carved apron and knees, raised on cabriole leg with scroll tipped feet, 29" x 19" x 16" approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 181 | Place Advance Bid

A SET OF 4 FRAMED HUNTING PRINTS, printed in The Country Gentleman over four dates, October 14th & 28th, November 11th & December 2nd 1893, No 1. "The Meet", No 2. "The Start", No. 3. "Full Cry", No. 4. "The Death", original was by Herring Senr, printed by Vincent Brooks Daly & Son, for the Sporting Gazette & Agri Journal The Country Gentleman, each frame 21" x 14" approx

Estimate: € 60/80
Lot: 182 | Place Advance Bid

AN INTERESTING COLLECTION OF INUIT ART PIECES, 9 carved stone pieces included, (1) A Mother & Child (1) A Seal – with mark beneath 103 – E5328 from the Clyde River area (1) A Face (1) Bird with artist number N.G (Nanook Group) 1002-2, ES319 (1) Bird (1) Fish with artists number beneath E8 141 and label stating “This is an original work of art created by a known Eskimo – from the Wakeham Bay area (1) Panel (1) Bird and (1) Walrus

Estimate: € 250/300
Lot: 183 | Place Advance Bid

AN UNUSUAL CRADLE SEAT/POT STAND, with carved detail to the sides, 37" x 20" approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 184 | Place Advance Bid

AN INLAID MANTLE CLOCK, with inlaid detail, turned wooden pillars, on a platform base with gadrooned rim, with open/skeleton style clock piece

Estimate: €
Lot: 185 | Place Advance Bid

A THREE TIER ÉTAGÉRE, with inlaid detail throughout, metal mounts and raised metal gallery, on ebonised legs, 16” x 13” x 32” approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 186 | Place Advance Bid

A SET OF 2 WOODEN TABLES, circular, with pie crust rims, and carved floral detail to the tops and knees on one, larger: 21" diam 17" height, smaller: 12" diam 12" height

Estimate: €
Lot: 187 | Place Advance Bid

A PORCELAIN FIGURE SET, with two boys aside a barrel with a lidded dish on top

Estimate: € 80/100
Lot: 188 | Place Advance Bid

A MAHOGANY "SILVER TABLE", with upturned rim, raised on cabriole leg with a carved apron, 21" x 15" x 22" approx

Estimate: €
Lot: 189 | Place Advance Bid

A NEAT SIZED TEA CART, with drop leaf, removable glass serving tray, frieze drawer, pull handle and raised on carved “wagon wheels”

Estimate: €
Lot: 190 | Place Advance Bid


Estimate: € 1000/1200
Lot: 191 | Place Advance Bid

AN 18CT THREE STONE DIAMOND RING, with 1.48 ct diamond

Estimate: € 3000/4000
Lot: 192 | Place Advance Bid

A GARDEN WALL HANGER, floral and pineapple decoration

Estimate: € 100/150
Lot: 193 | Place Advance Bid


Estimate: € 800/900
Lot: 194 | Place Advance Bid


Estimate: € 150/200
Lot: 195 | Place Advance Bid

A PAIR OF OVAL SHAPED SILVER SALTS, with pierced sides decorated with bright cut decoration, and raised on four claw and ball feet, with blue glass inserts, date letter 1789/87, of London

Estimate: € 150/250
Lot: 196 | Place Advance Bid

A CASED SET OF 6 SILVER TEA/COFFEE SPOONS, possibly produced to commemorate the coronation of George V in 1910, they are designed as replica Anointing Spoons, the original of which was used during coronation ceremonies dating back to the 13th Century, the bowl is decorated with a foliage design and has a central ridge, the handle is decorated with roundels and a twisted tip, a leopards face can be seen to the elbow, maker’s mark on this set is A .J. B possibly A. J. Bailey of Birmingham, date letter is 1910/11

Estimate: €
Lot: 197 | Place Advance Bid

A FRAMED EMBROIDERY PIECE, referring to the Enniskillen Regiment 27, detailing its battles

Estimate: € 80/120
Lot: 198 | Place Advance Bid

A PAIR OF FRAMED PRINTS, depicting fashion designs from circa 1846

Estimate: € 20/40
Lot: 199 | Place Advance Bid

A BURMESE BUDDHA FIGURE, carved from hardwood, 20cm high approx

Estimate: € 50/80
Lot: 200 | Place Advance Bid

A CHINESE CERAMIC FIGURE OF A COURT LADY or "fat lady", in the Tang dynasty style, 16" approx height

Estimate: € 100/150

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