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Venue: Hegarty Auction Rooms, The Bypass, Bandon, Co. Cork.
Date: Sunday, 1st July 2018 at 4pm

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You searched for Chinese, Oriental 26 Lot(s) Found.

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A TALL CARVED BRUSH HOLDER, Bamboo, with figures and buildings amongst trees, 19th Century, 27cm high approx

Estimate: € 150/250

A VERY FINE CHINESE CONICAL SHAPED TEA/WINE CUP, DECORATED WITH ‘THREE FRIENDS OF WINTER’ MOTIF, having a scrolling band on inside rim, a band of banana leaves surround a central double circle with a 6 character Jiajing mark within, 3.5” diam approx

Estimate: € 450/500

A CHINESE BLUE & WHITE VASE, decorated with scrolling lotus and leaves, with a band of waves beneath the rim, with a Yongzheng 6 character mark to the underside within a double circle, 12.75” high approx, 4”diam of top

Estimate: € 2000/3000

A CHINESE BLUE & WHITE DEEP PLATE/DISH, possibly Qing Dynasty, depicting a man seated at a table with character marks to the left, a further two character mark to underside within a double ring, 7” diam

Estimate: € 180/200

A CHINESE MONOCHROME COBALT-BLUE PEAR SHAPED ‘YUHUNCHUNPING’ STYLE VASE, with white glazed interior, a six character Qianlong mark in blue on the underside, 12.5” tall approx, 4” diam of top

Estimate: € 2000/2500

A BEAUTIFUL PAIR OF BLUE LOTUS CLOISONNE VASES, with brass rim and neck band, 5" tall approx, 4" diam of top, possibly 19th Century

Estimate: € 150/300

A CHINESE "SPINACH" GREEN JADE BOWL, poss. Qianlong period, circa 18th Century

Estimate: € 120/140

A CHINESE KANGXI BLUE & WHITE MINIATURE BLUE & WHITE VASE, with a band of plantain leaves to the neck and a band of floral decoration to the body, a single character mark beneath, 5” tall approx

Estimate: € 200/300

A PAIR OF CHINESE BLUE & WHITE PLATES, 18TH CENTURY, showing a figural scene, within a woodland garden setting, a band of floral decoration around the rim, and on the underside, 11” diam each, approx

Estimate: € 800/1000

A CHINESE CANTON ENAMEL VASE, Possibly Qing, decorated with picture panels, having butterflies, birds and flowers all over, turquoise interior glaze, 13.5” high approx, 3” diam top

Estimate: € 550/650
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